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Things are about to heat up!

After a very mild winter that shook up the fishing world here in the Bay (in a good way) we figured by now temperatures would be record high and migrating species would maybe arrive early. Well Spring had other plans, In the past couple of years it seems we have gone from winter straight to summer with very few mild days of spring in between. This year we are seeing the typical spring weather conditions. Cool breezy days have made up the majority of May, finding calm clean water has been a chore for any angler.

Although the conditions have been tough the fishing has been great! Striped Bass in the 20"-30" size range have been eager to hit crank baits and soft plastics near structure and current rips. Speckled Trout showed up on time, Although not in great numbers they are beginning to pop up everywhere which makes for a nice treat throughout the day.

Now that we have reached the end of May and conditions are starting to stabilize I will be on the hunt for our Summer migratory fish. Red Drum, Cobia, Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel will begin to show up in our waters any day now. This is an exciting time to get out on the water. A typical 8 hour fishing trip will start with shallow water Stiped Bass and Speckled Trout and then we will head out in search for Red Drum, Cobia, Bluefish and Mackerel. This is a light tackle fisherman's dream, the possibility of catching a grand slam mixed bag in a single day is very achievable.

The great days of summer are fast approaching, don't miss your chance to catch a fish of a lifetime. Check the booking calendar for availability and give me a call to talk about setting up the perfect day on the water! 240-925-7918

Captain Cole Langley

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