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The Fall/Winter Bite Is On!!!

As October comes to and end, we welcome some cold northerly winds to drop water temperatures and push bait out of the rivers and upper bay reaches. This drives the Striped Bass out of hiding and opens up the door to a great open water bite!

Today is November 1 and it is blowing northwest 20-30 with air temps in the 40's. while today may not be a great day to be on the water, it is the cold front we needed to fire up the fish and kick off our fall/winter season.

For the remainder of November, December, January and possibly later I anticipate finding feeding fish around working birds, channel edges and river mouths. This is a great time of year to catch good numbers of fish in the 20-30 inch range and possibly up to 40-50 inches!

We will be jigging soft plastics and metal spoons in the 3/4 to 2 ounce weight range to mimic injured bait fish in 20-50 feet of water. If you have never experienced the lower Chesapeake Bay fall/winter striped bass fishery do not wait any longer, get your trip booked and lets go fishing!

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