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Summer is flying by

Where has the summer gone? I look forward to our summer fishery here in the Chesapeake Bay so much every year, then it seems to just fly by. When I stop to look back on the trips I have run the past two months I realize that we did not waste time taking advantage of the amazing fishing opportunities the Bay provides in the heat of summer.

We have fought wind, storms, bad water conditions and late migrations. But in the end hard work and dedication produced great catches on every trip.

The bluefish have really taken the spotlight this year with their impressive size and numbers they have filled in the gaps throughout the day putting smiles on the faces of even the most experienced anglers. A few Spanish Mackerel have show up in decent size groups. The Mackerel move fast, it seems on day we see them everywhere and the next day you wont see a single one. Red Drum are up to their usual game, we have been rewarded several times this year with these impressive drag screaming giants but they are far from a guarantee. Cobia took their sweet time migrating up the Bay but as of last week I am finally seeing some fish on top consistently when conditions allow. Stiped Bass season is back in and we have found a few willing to eat top water early in the mornings and late in the evening. Some have been impressive size fish for this time of year, up to 29". Speckled trout started off hot, we had a consistent bite on really pretty fish but that has dwindled some with the intense heat we had for a few days. I expect that to pick back up very soon.

There is still plenty of summer left to get in on the action. With the patterns I am seeing right now I fully anticipate to have all of the species mentioned above all the way into October. Right now I have a pretty open book for October so if you are looking to get in on the multispecies action and skip the heat give me a call to get on the books before its too late!

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