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Running the Islands

Imagine running 15 miles into the Chesapeake Bay and coming across a chain of uninhabited islands full of fish.... sounds to good to be true? Not at all. Spring has arrived and this is a common picture of what you can expect when we set out in the morning on your fishing adventure.

The views alone of the vast remoteness, stretches of grass banks and random sand islands will make you forget that you are here to catch fish. Curiosity of the creation of what seems to be a fishing promised land dropped in the middle of a forgotten part of the Chesapeake, rolls through your mind as you cast a Clouser minnow to pristine current rips where hungry Stiped Bass and Speckled Trout await.

May and June provide some of the best fly fishing opportunities of the season. Perfect water temperatures bring hungry fish close to shore and structures to feed on baitfish and crabs heading to the grasses to shed. I will target large grass flats in a sight fishing approach to cruising fish looking for an easy meal. I will also looks for tide rips coming around points of the islands, these rips create deep water channels that the fish use to ambush their prey. Structure can also be very productive this time of year, a stone bulk head that has failed its purpose and allowed the island shore to erode from be hind it, or an old sunken boat that lays just below the surface create disruptions in current flow that fish will use to their advantage when looking for a meal.

An exciting time of year for a fisherman of any skill level has begun and is just a phone call away.

Capt. Cole Langley

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