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October Fall Is Here!

October is here and with it brings cooler water temperatures that really fires up the Stiped Bass bite. Most of our warm water summer fish will make their way south for the winter, Cobia, Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Spanish Mackerel and bluefish will be gone by mid-end October.

Now we begin those fall patterns for Stiped Bass that you may have heard so much about! As water cools and bait pushes out of the creeks and tributaries, the Striped Bass follow and school up at river mouths, creek mouths, and ledges feeding heavily to stock up for winter. Our home port location turns into ground zero for the fall run as the fish push down the Bay.

This time of year it is not uncommon to find large "bird shows" showing the way to large numbers of fish aggressively feeding, willing to take artificial lures and fly's. This is a great time of year for seasoned or new anglers to get out on the water and experience the best striped bass fishing that the Chesapeake Bay offers.

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