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March 2023

Most of the fish pushed north making there way to the spawning grounds as water temperatures rise. But that does not mean we're not still catching!

As we roll into March a lot of the large Stiped Bass are trucking their way up the Bay staging at the mouths of rivers until water temperatures are perfect for spawning. Lucky for us we have some of the best areas to look for these trophy sized fish this time of year, and with some patience and a little luck pulling off an incredible day is still achievable.

It is not uncommon to start finding some shallow water Striped Bass in the later part of the month. once the water temperature starts to stabilize in the low 50's range, bait will move back into the shallows. This is where drop offs, structure and current rips will begin to be very productive on fish ranging from 18-40". We will also expect to see a push of Speckled Trout come up the Bay. Some resident "Specs" will start us off in the early part of April and then by mid April we should begin to see a migratory push of Specs.

Break out the Fly rods! there is nothing more satisfying than catching a citation size Speckled Trout on fly gear. Our lower Chesapeake Bay region offers some of the best saltwater fly fishing opportunities an angler could dream of. A hidden gem that most anglers look past, Fly Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay can result in multi species catches that rival some of the most sought after fly fishing destinations around the World.

Spring is here, don't miss your chance to get on the water with me to experience our great fishery!

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