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Late August Report

As we are nearing the end of August the fishing is starting to catch up to where we should have been a few weeks ago. Large bluefish are still wrecking jigs and making drags scream for really fun fast pace action throughout the day. Spanish Mackerel are here one day and gone the next, one day we will find them everywhere and the next we wont see a single one. Red Drum are playing hard to get but that is not unusual, we have had very good success at finding large schools of them this month but most days require searching for a long time covering a lot of miles. Cobia are here but I do not spend much time targeting them until September when they are done spawning and more will to take a lure.

Weather has been incredibly difficult this summer, many days we are forced to hide from strong winds at some point during the day, but overall August has been a very successful month. It looks like things are shaping up for an excellent September October bite, do not hesitate to book your trip for this fall. I have very few days left for September but I still have plenty of availability in October, November and December for Striped Bass.

I look forward to fishing with you!

Captain Cole Langley

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