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February 2023

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Is it February or April? with these crazy temperatures some days it is hard to tell. But the fish seem to like it!

Just when you think the winter Striped Bass bite couldn't get any better, here comes February saying "Watch This!". These crazy warm weather stretches have continued into February which has kept the water temperatures hovering in the mid 40's, almost unheard of for this time of year.

We are applying the same fishing tactics that we were using in January, Searching channel edges in the 35-70' of water range in search of bait balls with fish around them. Our most effective strategy once we have located fish is to deploy 1oz-2oz jigs with 6" soft plastic swim baits or 8-10" jerk soft plastic baits, and work the bottom slowly. Keeping contact with the bottom is key this time of year. What I mean when I say keep contact with the bottom is being able to feel the lure tap along the bottom as you work your bait across and edge. This can be difficult to do in 50-70 feet of water but with the appropriate size jig head and quality custom built sensitive rods like we use, it can be accomplished by any angler of any skill level.

A bite this time of year can be hard to detect as well. 90 percent of the time the fish will hit your presented bait on the "fall", this is why it is imperative to keep constant contact with your lure at all time. It is easy to miss a bite with slack in your line, and missing a bite could mean missing a fish of a lifetime like pictured above.

The anglers pictured above were experts at working a jig on fish and maintaining contact with thier lure and the bottom. In return they had a day of catching giant Stiped Bass that they will not soon forget.

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